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Have you ever visited the enchanting cave in New Zealand which is full of glow-worms that emits a dazzling light bright enough to read a book in.

I bet, you are intrigued. Chances are, you are thinking, how come you have never heard about this before? I am sure, a part of you already wants to go there.

However, New Zealand is a long way away. It may not be worthwhile for many people to go there. You see, there is a catch to witnessing the glorious sight of the dazzling glow worms.

Absolute silence must be maintained in the cave. The glow worms stop emitting light at the slightest disturbance.

Is that possible for you? To maintain absolute silence?

I am not speaking just about the voice silence. I am communicating about ‘mind silence’. I am referring to a ‘peaceful’ mind. I am mentioning about a mind that is solaceful. I am talking about mindfulness. I am pointing out towards a mind that is curious like a child. It wants to know yet is not judgemental ! I am discussing about a mind that is monk like – full of gratitude and delighted at the spectacular revelation of nature’s magic.

You do have such a mind? Fantastic !!!

After you come back from there, you will say to all, ‘It is so miraculous’.

So is parenting. A travel in the world of parenting is as magical as the travel to the cave of the glow worms.

Untold treasures unfold every day. It leaves us wondering how much more amazing can life be.

Sometimes, it is as disappointing as the glow worms when they refuse to light up for reasons unknown to us.

Peace and patience is the key. And magically, the glowing begins.

May your explorations in the journey of parenting be filled with enough glows and enough magical moments.

The Author

Narendra Goidani

Narendra Goidani

Narendra Goidani, a.k.a Naren, is a dreamer and a people lover. An unshakable optimist he strives towards building a better world where everyone has a beautiful story to tell. He strongly believes that incredible parenting can change everyone human being’s life journey to something phenomenol. And that is his “Why” for building Wow Parenting.

A doting father to three dream-like kids, he brings you all his passion, insights, and lots of love in our online parenting course.

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