Siddhanth and comparisons

Here’s a beautiful note to Naren from a parent who has subscribed for our online parenting program. She tells us how “positive comparisons” changed everything for her and her 10-year-old son.

“Siddhant used to be an angry child. No, he would not throw things or hurt anyone but he would often scream when he was hurt or upset. He felt misunderstood, I guess. I always used to get mad at him because he was so lazy! I enrolled for the Wow Parenting online program a month ago.

I stumbled upon the video series on “Building Self Esteem” and realized how much I needed to build my child’s self esteem. In that, I needed to stop comparing Siddhant, even in jest, to his best friend Nitin. Once I stopped the comparisons and started praising Siddhanth for his little achievements and for every little help he offered when he was around the house. In a month. I saw a marked difference.

He doesn’t yell anymore, he verbally communicates. He is more confident. Because of the praises, he is no more lazy with his school work.

One more thing that remarkedly helped us was in finding a role model for Siddhanth in his elder cousin. Talking about HIS Ashish Bhaiyya and narrating his stories, inspires Siddhanth. He connects to the stories and looks up to his bhaiyya wanting to emulate him.

Your practical tips helped us so much! Positive comparisons do help. I can’t get enough of my smiling and largely happy Siddhanth now!”



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