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Parenting that sort of smothers: is that your style?

They loved her too much for her own good…

Shweta has to leave for school at 7:30 every morning. She wakes up early, gets dressed and fixes herself some coffee. In the meantime, her mother cooks and packs her lunch, which is real sweet but also goes on to put the lunch box in her bag with a filled water bottle. Shweta’s father then proceeds to drop her to the bus stop, a ten-minute walk from home, because it is too early for her to go on her own. Shweta knows that her parents worry about her, and although she feels smothered, it is a long journey to make them understand that they are being absurdly over-protective. This affects her confidence levels as well because she has never had the freedom to do anything on her own. Shweta is a 29-year old woman, you see. And she is a school teacher.

Why Shweta’s parents do this….

This is a classic case of having overprotective parents. Shweta’s parents love her to bits and she loves them, so she tries to put up with their over-protective nature. Sometimes she loses her cool and ends up yelling at them in frustration, and then she remembers that they do it all only out of love and worry.

It’s taken Shweta immense time and and patience to sit her parents down and have peaceful conversations with them to explain that they are being over-protective, which hampers her confidence and limits her. They now understand and give her the space that she needs to learn and grow in this world.

The bottomline is that…

Being parents, it is natural to want to protect our kids from all the unsafe things in the world, but we need to know where to draw the line.

We need to empower our kids with confidence, teach them right from wrong and help them do things on their own. Worrying about them incessantly and not letting them learn the ways of the world will only hamper their growth.

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