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How Do You Respond?


Encouraging oneself to adapt to change and tap it for its opportunities instead of being helpless and unable to find solutions.


1 hr


2 – 5


Pen, A3 size blank paper, crayons,etc.


Parents sit with their children and explain the game.

Game – A situation is presented to the group and one by one each member speaks of a probable responses by the character in the situation.

Situation 1: (here the options are stated to give an idea of how different responses can be)

Jerry the mouse has just overheard that the human family he lives with has decided to get a pet cat. What do you think Jerry would do?

  1. Faint with fright

  2. Make friends with the neighbour’s dog.

  3. Decide to move to another house as soon as possible.

  4. Start looking for a new way to move around the house without getting caught by the cat.

Ask the kids which of the above was the best progressive way to respond.

Situation 2: A friend of yours is sure that the Earth & the Sun revolve around the Moon. He feels that what the text book says is wrong. What would you say to him?

  1. _____

  2. _____

  3. _____

  4. _____

Situation 3: Eversince Airawat, the little elephant’s baby brother was born, he has felt that his parents are not giving him as much attention as they used to. What do you think Appu should do?

  1. ____

  2. ____

  3. ____

  4. ____

Situation 4: A new rule has been passed in your school that all students must wear their ties at the back. What would be your reaction?

  1. ____

  2. ____

  3. ____

  4. ____


[List Image files details, if any, explaining the activity]


The idea is to enable the kids voice out natural negative responses.

By way of exploration help them to find a positive and adaptive response as well.

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Narendra Goidani

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