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Explored our weekly content digests?

What’s the fuss about?

Ah the fuss is about our new weekly content digests, my awesome parents! We have been emailing a content digest on one parenting topic every Thursday. My team and I are doing a little victory jig here looking at all the warm responses for our content digest.

What does this content digest cover?

The content digest is our “help baby” for you parents.

We basically pick one important parenting topic from our online parenting course. We have been lately covering chapters from the topic Building Self Esteem in kids. In the content digest, we share with a blog post, an expert article, and a free course video on that week’s topic! We also share the public Q&As from parents on that particular topic. You can read parents’ queries there and Naren’s expert replies to those queries. You can also post your own parenting queries there!

How do I avail all this?

Simple! Sign up for our newsletter and become a part of our mailing list. You can then receive this consolidated content digest every Thursday in your email inbox. You can read helpful parenting content and get to watch our limited preview course videos for free!

What’s in it for a subscribed user?

Ah you parents who have paid and bought a subscription for our parenting course, we have a small surprise in store for you. It entails an even more awesome version of our content digest. We will tell you about it real soon. Until then, do watch the course videos and ask us a zillion questions to clear all your parenting queries!

Love what you just read about our content digest? Or have suggestions for us? Do leave them in the comments section below! We love to hear from you.

Here’s to incredible parenting…

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